This is Imaginator


Imaginator is a Norwegian, Oslo-based progressive metal quartet. Drawing influence from a wide array of bands and musical genres, Imaginator has fused pummeling and odd-timed rhythms, groovy riffs, a broad palette of vocal performances and ambient elements into a dynamic soundscape.

The creative vision of Aleksander Ilievski, Imaginator, had its inception in the fall of 2012. Many members having played together in various constellations of other bands, and most importantly, been friends and shared an interest in the progressive aspects of metal and music in general, made for an easy formation process. Brandishing three guitarists, and utilizing recorded synths and guitars as backing tracks has opened doors to layers of complexity and varied sonic possibilities. Their self-titled EP released in the winter of 2014 is the culmination of this vision thus far, and a taste of what is to come: Exciting metal, incorporating atmospheric elements in a soulful and chaotic assault on the senses.

Imaginator consists of Aleksander Ilievski (guitars/vocals), Jonas Nordli (vocals), Nicholas Nystad (guitars) and Johannes Radøy (drums).